Alaska Lodging information
• Each tour is unique and customized around the travel party's preference for lodging. We recommend a variety of cabins, lodges, motels and Bed and Breakfasts, that have all been visited and selected as some of the best available.

• The cabins, lodges and Bed and Breakfast through out the state of Alaska and the Yukon Territory provide a wonderful part of the travel experience. Selected lodgings are based upon beautiful view, enjoyable hosts, breakfast, comfortable amenities and spacious rooms. Many of the accommodations include a full kitchen ( or use of a kitchen), a living area and dining room. It is common to have a BBQ area (a great way to cook local fish) and scenic views from the deck.

• All lodgings provide a private bath for each party (booked under double occupancy). If you have any special needs, we do our best to accommodate them with the host. Many of the accommodations have internet connections, laundry facilities, (freezers to store fish if you are fishing) hot tubs and entertainment rooms. Your customized travel book will provide in-depth information for each lodging reservation. Your travel book will also include a detailed map to your lodging.
Juneau Bed and Breakfast

Alaska Lodging

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