Alaska travel packing information
• Alaska is a casual place, formal dress is typically for special occasions. A common concern for visitors and Alaskans is comfort; which can translate into staying warm and dry. The weather can vary greatly throughout the state. Fairbanks will often reach temperatures into the 80s in July; the day before you may be in Juneau and experiencing wet weather in the low 50s. The weather can change quickly, especially when close to a large body of water or traveling through a mountainous area.

• The simple solution is to dress for comfort; wear your clothing in layers. Alaskans have found that dressing in layers provides the best protection against the elements and unforeseen changes in the weather patterns. Three layers of clothing will provide comfort for almost any summer day;

1. waterproof coat (your shell layer).
2. wool or fleece sweater or liner (your insulating layer), a vest is also common for one extra layer of protection
3. turtleneck or a comfortable protective long sleeve shirt (your undergarment layer).
4. It is worth it to bring a pair of rain-pants that can comfortably fit over your day pants.
5. light (waterproof if possible) gloves and a warm hat are nice to have along for a variety of weather conditions

• Footgear should be suitable for hiking and walking in wet conditions. It is advisable to wear shoes that are comfortable, can sustain a long day on your feet, and provide support and warmth. It is important your shoes are broken in. Wool socks provide warmth and protection for your feet if your shoes should become damp. It is worthwhile to bring a warm hat, rain hat and gloves, especially when on board a ship for protection while viewing wildlife and glacier calving.

• You may want to pack insect repellent, sunscreen and a good rain hat. If you take mosquito repellent with you and a head-mosquito net you should be comfortable through out the day. A garbage sack can provide a quick and dry place to sit on the ground for relaxing while out day hiking or looking for wildlife.

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Packing For Your Alaska Trip

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