Alaska travel planning

› The beginning stages of planning out your Alaska adventure dream trip, can be a bit overwhelming with so many different suggestions, locations & options. We have found over the years, what seems to work best is to customize every travel itinerary around each individual or group's needs.

› You might want to start with one of our tour packages and customize each day exactly as you would like, or perhaps you would rather build an itinerary that is completely unique and customized around your "Alaska vacation wish list". If you are uncertain about what areas, locations and activities would best fit within with your budget and schedule…..just give us a call or email us a list.

› Our in-depth knowledge will provide you with quality information to help you decide on a diverse selection of travel options for your custom Alaska vacation package. We understand and value the importance of each travel day, often in life we do not have the opportunity to revisit an area. We are here to do our best to make sure your Alaska vacation becomes your Alaska dream.


Alaska travel itinerary

› Once you have decided upon all of the activities, sightseeing and locations you would like to include on your itinerary, we will put together all of the travel details for each travel day and send you a completed confirmed itinerary.

› Your confirmed itinerary will provide travel details for all of the day tours, meals, transportation and lodging. Your confirmed itinerary will also include suggestions for sightseeing, wildlife viewing, historical areas, day hiking, side-roads and unique events that each location has to offer.

Alaska Travel Book

› One month prior to your travel date we will mail you your travel book and voucher packet. The travel book is customized around your individual itinerary and will provide maps and articles that support each day of your confirmed itinerary and travel day. The average travel book is approximately 300 pages.

› We provide an in-depth information article and map for every vendor. The travel book will also include articles and maps for wildlife viewing, day hiking, sightseeing, historical information, scenic drives, highways and side trips.

› Through the years we have developed an archive of over a 1,000 hand drawn maps and articles that cover much of Alaska and the Yukon Territory. Just let us know if you have any special interests that you would like to include in your travel book.

Alaska Adventure Travel

› Once you have arrived into Alaska we are here to make sure that you have a seamless and stress free vacation. We will follow your tour over the phone, contacting vendors and making sure you have arrived at each location. If any problems should arise, we are just a phone call away.

› The vendors included on your itinerary are small family owned companies that are excited to share their special part of Alaska with you. Whenever you arrive to your day tour, lodging, transportation or meal……there will be somebody there waiting for your arrival.

• Open the back door to the pristine and majestic beauty of this last frontier through Rainbow Mountain Adventures. Join us to explore some of the world's most beautiful and wild terrain. Visit remote Alaskan Villages, explore National Parks, experience a variety of opportunities to view wildlife and enjoy traditional activities with the local Alaskans.

• Our unique style of Alaska adventure travel provides an opportunity to explore Alaska's many remote and wild locations. Your travel itinerary will be customized to fit within your individual interests, budget and schedule. Your travel itinerary will be accompanied with an in-depth personalized travel book that is created just for you.  The travel book will provide you with a journey of a lifetime, stress free, exploring Alaska on your terms.

• We offer four different travel planning phases to create and customize your Alaska adventure to your personal travel interests, schedule and budget.
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