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- While we recognize there are many wonderful books, short stories and poetry on the beauty and unique history of Alaska...we have put together a list for a few of our favorites that you may enjoy. If you are unable to locate a book at your local library, you can check out Powells Bookstore located in Portland, Oregon. Powells Bookstore is the largest independently owned bookstore in the world. They offer a fantastic collection of used books.
› Jean Aspen
› Coming Into the Country
› Growing up Stubborn at Gold Creek
Book Title
› John McPhee
› Ice Palace
› Alaska
› James Michener
› Minus 148 Degrees
› Glacier Pilot
› Beth Day
› My Life of Adventure
› Great Alone
› Janet Dailey
› Wager with the Wind- The Don Sheldon Story
› Melody Erickson
› Edna Ferber
› Art Davidson
› Norman Vaughn
› James Greiner
› Naturalist in Alaska
› Adolph Murie
› Two in the Far North
› John McPhee
› Travels in Alaska
› John Muir
› Arctic Dreams
› Barry Lopez
› Tisha
› Robert Specht
› Yukon Wild
› Beth Johnson
› Voice on the Wind
› Dave Lachapelle
› Jon Krakauer
› Into the Wild
Alaska Travel Reading List
› Arctic Daughter: a Wilderness Journey
White Pass Railroad

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