• Cache - An elevated storage cabin used to keep meat and food supplies away from prowling animals.
• Cheechako - A term developed during the Klondike years for a newcomer to the North.
• Dog Salmon - Dried salmon (not including King or Silver Salmon) prepared in the summer for sled-dog dogfood.
• Eskimo Ice Cream - Crisco, Fish, Vegetable oil, Sugar and berries
• Guspuk - A lightweight and colorful cotton summer 'parky' worn as a dress.
• Hootchenoo - Powerful home brew, origin of slang word "Hootch"
• Mukluks - Fur boots for both males and females.
A few "Bush" Alaska Terms and Expressions reflective of the historical far north culture
• Muktuk - An Eskimo delicacy , the outer skin of the whale with a layer of fat attached, eaten raw.
• Outside - The terms Alskans use for the lower 48 states.
• Ski-wheel - A combination that allows a bush plane to land on snow or hard packed surfaces.
• Taildragger - A bush plane with a rear wheel, often with oversized tundra tires.
• Sourdough - An old-timer in Alaska, a name that came from the fermented dough used by prospectors who didn't have yeast.
• Tundra - The swampy, rolling plains that cover much of the Interior.
• Ulu - Native fish knife with half round blade.
• Toklat - An interior grizzly bear with a reddish-tan coat. The larger coastal grizzly is called an Alaskan Brown.
• Blue Ticket - A one-way passage to the 'Outside' issued years ago by the territorial government to less-than desirable citizens.
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Alaskan Expressions

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